Youth Rock Climbing Classes

Schlossman YMCA Thursdays, 5:30 - 6:15pm Ages 7-14

Dig into the basics of rock climbing and learn the “ropes” on our 32 foot indoor climbing wall! We’ll work on harnessing, knots, top rope climbing, bouldering, and more! Each week, we will learn something new with an emphasis on technique, safety, trust and teamwork. Participants in the Advanced class will work in-depth on technical climbing skills while improving strength, flexibility, and confidence!

Climbers who wish to sign up for the Advanced class MUST have participated in the Intro class or Rock Climbing Mini Camps in order to attend. 

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Available Sessions

Intro Class September 7 - October 23 Members: $56, Non-Members $70
Advanced Class - MUST take Intro first October 25 - December 11 Members: $48, Non-Members: $60

What to Wear/Bring

• Comfortable, non-baggy clothing that allows you to freely move
• Tennis shoes
• Water bottle

Parent Information
• Meet at the climbing wall in the lower level of the Schlossman YMCA.
• Parents may watch from the windows located across from the Member Services Desk.
• Parents/guardians must sign a climbing waiver for each participant.

Rock Climbing Mini Camps

Stay tuned for 2022 Rock Climbing Mini Camps dates and details!

Forms, Waivers and More Information

All waivers and forms listed below must be filled out prior to camp. Please fill out and bring on your child’s first day of camp.

Climbing Wall Waiver  Parent Handbook

Adult Rock Climbing Classes

Learn rock climbing skills and techniques on our 32-foot rock climbing wall. Challenge your skills and knowledge by tying knots and climbing basic routes. The program starts at a beginner-level and progresses in difficulty throughout the program. This is a great way to learn the basics of rock climbing, while meeting new people and getting plugged in to the FM climbing community! All levels welcome.

October 25 - December 11 Thursdays 7:30 - 9:00pm Ages 16+

What to Wear/Bring
• Comfortable, non-baggy clothing that allows you to freely move
• Tennis shoes
• Water bottle

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Intro to Belay

This 75-minute class gives you an introduction to the basic skills needed to safely enjoy climbing and belaying on your own at the YMCA. Each participant will learn how to safely control the ropes for their partner, how to tie safe climbing knots, and how to communicate commands effectively. Following this one-time class, participants wait a minimum of 24 hours, and then come back in to take the top-rope belay certification test with a climbing wall staff. 

Drop-ins are welcome, however, but please be aware that classes may already be full or may not be held due to a holiday or rental.


Schlossman YMCA Members: $6, Non-Members: $8 Ages 16+ Every Monday, 6:15 - 7:30pm

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Beyond the Plain Climbing Competition

Join other adventurers and rock climbers in our annual climbing competition! For more information, visit our events page.