About Giving Hearts Day

Founded in 2008, Giving Hearts Day is a 24-hour event for charities in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. Each year, Giving Hearts Day provides a platform for charities to fund their missions through an ever-increasing community of donors, many of whom get to experience the joy of giving for the first time. The longest-running giving day in the country, Giving Hearts Day has helped participating charities raise more than $138 million since its founding.

Giving Hearts Day is an annual event - check back later for details about 2023's Giving Heart's Day!

Support the YMCA on Giving Hearts Day!

At the Y, caring for the social and emotional well-being of our families remains a top priority. We provide safe spaces for youth and teens to belong and to receive support in the areas of self-confidence, social awareness, and relationship-building. When kids learn to manage their emotions and well-being as they engage with the world; build and maintain relationships; and treat setbacks and challenges as learning experiences to prompt growth – magic happens. 

We work hard to make sure that we are a place for youth to learn, grow, develop, and also feel safe, cared for, and celebrated through opportunities like child care, food programs, summer camp, swim team, swimming lessons, and more.  That’s why, more than ever before, we are finding ways to incorporate more mental health, mindfulness, and resilience-building activities into our vital community programs.

Giving Hearts Day donations to the Y will allow us to continue to make all of our offerings accessible, through scholarship opportunities. Please join us in making our vital community programs accessible for youth! Donations to the YMCA on Giving Hearts Day will be matched, up to the first $22,000, through the generosity of Dakota Medical Foundation and other generous YMCA donors! 

Meet Lisa and Eira

The pool has become Lisa’s and Eira’s retreat from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. At home, therapists and case managers fill their spaces, mobility equipment is a permanent fixture, and unsolicited opinions make their way in. As odd as it may sound, the bright, busy and bustling Aquatic Center has become an escape from the demands of their daily lives. A moment for them to be together, uninterrupted, mother and daughter. Click below to learn more about Lisa and Eira's story and how the Y made such a lasting impact in their lives.

 Click To Learn More About Lisa & Eira   Click to watch Lisa and Eira's Story

Every child deserves access to community and support, regardless of their family's financial status. By serving thousands of youth every day, we have the opportunity and responsibility to teach, nurture, and inspire.