YMCA Membership Types & Rates

The YMCA offers a variety of membership types for all ages, including singles, seniors, families, youth, and more! Learn more about our membership types and rates below.

Membership Type Regular Monthly Rate Regular Annual Rate Mission Member Rate Mission Member Annual Rate Enrollment Fee
Youth (ages 9 - 17) $37 $444 $42 $504 $0
Young Adult (ages 18 - 29) $48 $576 $53 $636 $50
Single Adult (ages 30 - 64) $59 $708 $64 $768 $50
Senior (ages 65+) $54 $648 $59 $708 $50
Family/Household $90 $1,080 $95 $1,140 $50
Family/Household Package $114 $1,368 $119 $1,428 $50
Child Care Family Package $82 $984 $87 $1,044 $0
Virtual Plus  $15 $180 $20 $240 $0

Joining the YMCA

Join the YMCA in person at either YMCA location, or online using the button below!

  • Fercho YMCA: 400 1st Ave. S, Downtown Fargo
  • Schlossman YMCA: 4243 19th Ave. S, Fargo

Join Online

Membership Information & Policies

Learn more about membership types, fees, and policies below.

  • Memberships at the YMCA do not require a contract! You may choose whether you'd like to pay monthly or annually - and whether you'd like to pay by credit/debit card or by a bank draft. If signing up using a bank draft, members may choose to be charged on either the 1st or the 15th of each month.
  • If signing up online, on your first visit to the YMCA, our Member Services team will be happy to assist you in getting your new membership card, taking a picture for your account, and giving you a tour! No appointment is necessary.
  • A Family/Household Membership includes two adults over the age of 25 and all individuals in the household who are under the age of 24 or dependent adults. Individuals must be living at the same address and are dependent for care and financial assistance.
  • A $3 service fee will be added to your monthly bank draft when paying with a credit or debit card.
  • Package memberships include the use of PlayTown, our short-term child care service, for up to two hours per day. Learn more on our PlayTown page.
  • The one-time enrollment fee is a tax-deductible payment for all membership types listed above, excluding the Student/Youth, Child Care Package, and Virtual Plus memberships. The fee is paid upon membership sign-up and will only be charged once except in the case of a lapse in membership.

Membership Cancellation Policy
The YMCA does not have long-term contracts! You may cancel your membership at any time by coming to either YMCA location and filling out a cancellation form. Members who draft on the 1st of each month must cancel by the 15th of the prior month. Members who draft on the 15th of each month must cancel by the last day of the prior month. Download a membership cancellation form on our Downloadable Forms page.

Membership Hold Policy
Members may choose to put a membership, including access to YMCAC360, on hold for up to three consecutive months per calendar year for $5 each month. The hold process coincides with the draft dates of your membership (1st or 15th of the month). Members who draft on the 1st of each month must place their hold by the 15th of the prior month. Members who draft on the 15th of each month must place their hold by the last day of the prior month. Written notice is required. Download a membership hold form on our Downloadable Forms page.

Instead of putting your membership on hold, you may also choose to downgrade to a Virtual Plus membership in order to continue receiving access to YMCA360.

Virtual Plus Membership
All active members have access to YMCA360, the Y's online portal, which includes livestream and on-demand opportunities to learn, play, and exercise on your smart phone, Apple TV, Roku, and Android TV! However, you can join as a Virtual Plus Member and have full access to YMAC360, plus 12 passes per year to the YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties fitness branches. Included in YMCA360 are hundreds of group fitness classes, weight lifting tutorials, and meditation sessions. For youth and families, there are additional activities like sports tutorials, DIY crafts, and more! 

Mission Memberships
Members have the option to extend an extra hand to their neighbors in need by becoming a Mission Member and increasing their monthly payment by $5 or more per month. The add-on will support the Y’s Annual Campaign, which provides safe places for kids to grow and learn, programs for individuals to re-establish their health, and resources for families to receive a nourishing meal. You can upgrade to become a Mission Member at anytime, and you may do so by stopping by either Member Services Desk. Member membership joins and upgrades cannot take place online.

Nationwide Membership
YMCA members receive 12 passes a year to our partner facility – Family Wellness (near Scheels Arena). Plus, as a YMCA member, you have access to other YMCA’s around the world through the YMCA’s Nationwide Membership program! 

We are happy to welcome YMCA members who are using the Y's Nationwide Membership to visit our facilities. We encourage our members to call the YMCA they are traveling to in advance to make sure that facility is participates in the Nationwide program and is allowing reciprocity.

Liability Waiver: By participating in the YMCA Nationwide Membership Program, I agree to release the National Council of Young Men’s Christian Associations of the United States of America, and its independent and autonomous member associations in the United States and Puerto Rico, from claims of negligence for bodily injury or death in connection with the use of YMCA facilities, and  from any liability for other claims, including loss of property, to the fullest extent of the law.

Guest Passes & Day Passes
Invite your friends to visit the YMCA with you for FREE! Membership units receive six free guest passes per calendar year. Guests must check in with you and provide photo ID. If you have already used your six passes, only members may purchase more passes at this time. Guest Passes grant access into the entire facility at both Fercho and Schlossman (excl. PlayTown).

  • Day passes for non-members are currently only available on Sundays. Learn more on our Community Days page.
  • We are happy to welcome Family Wellness members who are using their 12 annual visits. YMCA members are welcome to use their 12 annual visits to Family Wellness as well!

Hospitality Passes
Hospitality Passes are day passes purchased by hotels, businesses, etc. in bulk for a discounted rate of $6 per pass (minimum 30 passes). These passes are good for both youth and adults (no age requirement) and grant access into the entire facility at both Fercho and Schlossman YMCAs (excl. PlayTown). Many hotels utilize these passes to hand out to their traveling guests looking for a space to work out, or for traveling groups to come in and simply use our locker rooms and showers. Hospitality Passes do not replace a rental and cannot be purchased for personal use.

Group & Agency Memberships
An organization may purchase an annual membership for their group or agency. This mission-based program allows those who may not have access or ability to pay for a full membership the opportunity to participate, and does not require individual memberships for each participant. Rates are $600 annually for non-profit organizations, and $1,200 annually for for-profit organizations and allows each group 10 passes to use at the YMCA for one year. Additional passes may be purchased for $20 per card. Participants may share cards with others in the same group or agency. If cards are lost, replacements may be purchased for $5. Group and Agency Memberships may join at any time, but are renewed July 1 (if you join after July 1, memberships will be pro-rated). To apply, please fill out the Group Usage Agreement and drop it off at either the Fercho or Schlossman YMCA, or email it to info@ymcacassclay.org. With additional questions, please call 701.364.4118.

Military Discounts
Enrollment Fee
The YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties is proud to support our armed services by waiving the enrollment fee for all current and past military members. That’s up to $50 in savings! Members taking advantage of this benefit must provide their military ID and photo ID at sign-up.

Military Outreach Initiative
In partnership with the Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA), the YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties is proud to offer memberships to eligible military family and personnel through the Department of Defense’s Military Outreach Initiative. Through this initiative, military members and family receive access to vital resources that promote youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. 
To be eligible, the service member must be on Title 10 orders with at least six (6) months remaining, and meet the requirements of one of the following categories:

Discounts & Financial Assistance

Learn more about financial assistance and available discounts below.

Category 1: Active Duty Independent Duty Personnel (IDP)

• I am assigned to a Service-designated Independent Duty Station that is not at or near a free or Service-provided fitness facility; AND
• I require a single-person membership or my family resides with me and I require a family membership

Category 2: Unaccompanied Spouse/Family of Active Duty

• Sponsor is deployed or on “unaccompanied tour” orders that require the member to reside at an assigned duty location and restricts the spouse/family from accompanying the member; AND
• Sponsor’s family resides at a Service-designated independent duty station or in an area that is not at or near a free or Service-provided fitness facility.

Category 3: Unaccompanied Spouse/Family of Deployed Guard and Reserves

• Sponsor is on deployment orders that require the member to reside at an assigned duty location that restricts the spouse/family from accompanying the member; AND
• Sponsor’s family resides at a Service-designated independent duty station or in an area that is not at or near a free or Service-provided fitness facility

Category 4: Community Based Warrior Transition Unit/Warrior Care Unit

• My duty location is my home address
• My home address is not located at or near a free or Service-provided fitness facility
• I require a single-person membership or my family resides with me and I require a family membership. Only one membership type (single or family) authorized.

* Personnel on IDP assignment as support staff to a warrior transition/care unit must use Category 1 (IDP).

The application process is as follows: 

1) Complete and sign the Membership Application. Please use the same form for new and renewal requests. There is an additional form for Independent Duty Station – Command Form
2) Submit new and renewal applications to your Military Command Approving Official (MCAO). The MCAO will sign off and submit to ASYMCA for approval.
3) If pre-approved, ASYMCA will email a payment invoice to the local YMCA to complete application.
4) The ASYMCA will review the final application and send a final approval email. The service member will then connect with the local YMCA to start their membership.

Questions about our Military Outreach program? Please contact our team at 701.364.4121, or christine.hoff@ymcacassclay.org. Additional information may be found on the ASYMCA website.

The YMCA is for everyone! Funding for Y Match memberships and programs is made possible through community donations to the YMCA. This assistance is available, within the limits of our resources, to members that provide complete documentation showing their inability to pay the full member rate. Members looking for financial assistance must sign-up in person. Learn more on our Financial Assistance page.

Full-time students with a Young Adult membership type may provide a tuition bill or current class schedule to receive $11 off their monthly dues. Stop by the Member Services Desk with your documentation to receive the discount.

Many YMCA members get paid to work out! The YMCA partners with many insurance providers to offer monthly reimbursements to members with participating health plans. To find out if your plan qualifies, simply call the number on the back of your insurance card.