The LAZYMAN IRONMAN is a triathlon challenge created just for YMCA members! Participants will have the opportunity to complete a full or half IRONMAN by swimming, biking, and running their way to the finish line at their own pace and in their own time. 

You'll track your mileage on a personal mileage tracking sheet, and on the competition board in the lobbies at the Fercho and Schlossman YMCAs. Group fitness classes may count toward mileage.


Lazyman Ironman competitions are seasonal events - stay tuned for upcoming dates and details!

Participants will receive:

  • Mileage tracking sheet
  • Coupons for two free InBody Scans - you may schedule scans at any time at the Member Services Desks, but we encourage you to schedule a scan at the beginning of the challenge and at the end of the challenge to see how far you've come!
  • Commemorative participation t-shirt
  • Opportunities to win prizes, like personal training sessions, gift cards, and YMCA swag
  • Weekly emails with triathlon tips, updates on the competition boards, and prize winners

What are the distances?

Swimming Half = 1.2 miles; Full = 2.4 miles
Biking Half = 56 miles; Full; = 112 miles
Running Half = 13.1 miles; Full = 26.2 miles

What counts toward mileage?

Swimming • 9 laps / 18 lengths in the YMCA Lap Pool = 1/4 mile
• 45-60 min. water exercise class = 1/4 mile
Biking • 1 mile on outdoor / stationary bike (including miles logged in a cycle class) = 1 mile
Running • 1 mile of running, walking, or elliptical = 1 mile
• 30 min. group fitness class = 1 mile
• 60 min. group fitness class = 2 miles