Maci eagerly dashes into the YMCA every morning excited to greet her teachers and start her day. Lisa Lindeman, Maci’s mother, follows behind cautiously and diligently, arms full of school supplies, puffy coats – and her other daughter, McKenna, who can’t walk.

When Lisa and McKenna make it through the double doors into the Schlossman YMCA’s Early Learning Center, McKenna’s teachers swoop her from her mother’s arms and get her situated into her wheelchair, with additional help from Maci who rushes back to assist.

McKenna is just five years old and has cerebral palsy.

Lisa’s arms are full – literally. She is a single mother who not only works full time, but takes care of her two youngest twin daughters, Maci and McKenna, and her grandson, Carter, who all attend the Schlossman YMCA’s child care program.

Having been through a tough experience with her previous child care provider, Lisa came to the YMCA in tears looking for a place that was safe, educational, positive – and affordable. Her new YMCA site director, Stephanie, responded and said “We’re here to help.”

By receiving financial assistance through the YMCA’s Partner of Youth Annual Campaign, Lisa’s three little ones have had more opportunities to learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. McKenna works every day with her teachers on walking, sitting up and other motor skills. She loves reading and playing with balls in the gym.

“Thank you to the Partner of Youth donors. You make it possible for me to pay my bills and put food on the table for my family.” Lisa says. “My kids are at the YMCA because of you.”

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